In connection with the grave situation in connection with the Corona Virus (Covid-19), the Government of the Netherlands imposed measures in order to curb the propagation of the virus in our country. These measures remain in effect until further notice.

The imposed measures -which we endorse to the full- necessitates us to adapt our behaviour accordingly, also whilst practising our profession.

The challenge which we face together with our customers is, on the one hand, to safeguard the wellbeing of your and our own employees in a practical manner and, on the other hand, to do everything within our power in order to limit the detrimental effects of the extraordinary situation to an absolute minimum.

Amongst others our company is active in the energy sector which is of essential importance to our economy. You can be assured that we are making every possible effort in order to continue our contributions therein. At this moment in time we can note that we have sufficient manpower at our disposal in order to continue the levels of service you are accustomed to.

Below you will find a summary of the measures in place within our business in order to meet the challenges we face:

1. Our office staff have been instructed to work from home and to attend meetings remotely as much as possible. Deviation from this instruction is only allowed under circumstances which require otherwise.

2. Field-work at sites of our customers is preferably to be carried out independently, or otherwise with a crew as small as the situation on hand will allow.

3. The hygiene guidelines issued by the Dutch Authorities shall be strictly adhered to during both office- and field-work,

We are sure that the above will convince you that it is our intention to continue our services in an optimal way. Nevertheless the situation may change from day to day, and it cannot be ruled out that problems will arise –for example- within our supply-chain.

Although, in our opinion, the risk of virus propagation is reduced to a minimum as a result of the measures mentioned previously, it cannot be ruled out completely. Should, in spite of the previous, one of our employees be infected, we intend to inform the sites visited by him or her immediately. Where possible the persons will be noted whom have been in direct contract the employee involved.

We trust the measures described previously shall prove to suffice and will allow us to achieve the intended objectives. We will inform you of any adjustments accordingly.

Kind regards,

Standard Fasel B.V. Management and Staff.