One of the main challenges in the energy transition is making industry more sustainable. Industrial processes powered by fossil fuels account for a large percentage of the emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. So these processes need to be designed for maximum energy efficiency. This will keep the use of fossil fuels to a minimum. Subsequent electrification and/or the use of alternative fuels will eventually eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels altogether.

Standard Fasel is a leader in sustainable innovation in steam technology. We already have long-standing experience in making traditional systems more sustainable, in electrification, alternative fuels and various hybrid forms. So we feel that we are the ideal strategic partner to guide you through the energy transition. To ensure that you never have to shoulder the burden alone.

Hernieuwbare energie uit wind

Emissions survey

As an organisation, it is important to have a plan for emissions reduction (NOx and/or CO2). We will be happy to contribute our expertise to help you determine how to effectively reduce NOx and CO2 emissions from your steam system. Reducing emissions is usually accompanied by substantial savings in energy costs. So an investment in emissions reduction is often very profitable.

To determine whether your system meets the emission requirements, Standard Fasel can perform a NOx emissions survey according to the SCIOS measurement procedures. The surveys need to be carried out periodically. Have you already taken action to improve the efficiency of your steam system? If so, an emissions survey will show exactly what emissions reduction has been achieved.

Energy scan

During an energy scan, we map out how emissions reduction can simultaneously increase the efficiency of your steam system. We calculate the effect of different optimisations to give you a complete picture of the possible return on investment. Would you like to know whether you are getting the most out of your steam system? Contact us to arrange an advisory meeting!

Increase your system’s efficiency

The easiest step is often as simple as improving the efficiency of your existing steam system. You can save a great deal of energy by increasing the efficiency of your system. Less energy consumption means reduced emissions and lower costs. You can improve the efficiency of your steam system by using blowdown water heat recovery, for example, or by fitting an economiserflue gas condenser or an air preheater. Many of these applications are also very attractive financially as they reduce costs.

Standard Fasel will be happy to help you determine where the biggest gains can be made for your organisation. We present our conclusions based on clear calculation models. Please contact us for more information and advice.


Energietransitie: als er veel energie wordt opgewekt met zon pv kan dit goedkoop gebruikt worden door de procesindustrie


Electrification involves using electricity to (partly) replace natural gas in industrial processes. Electrification of the process industry is a transition path with high potential and several technical options are possible. Many of these options still need further innovation before they can be deployed efficiently and on a large scale. However, one option that may already be of interest is the industrial e-boiler. This electric boiler is integrated into an existing, gas-fired system.