An e-boiler or electric water heater produces hot water or steam using (sustainable) electricity instead of gas. This equipment allows you to (partially) power your industrial process with clean solar and wind energy and save considerably on energy costs.

How does an e-boiler work?

An e-boiler is like a very large kettle. The e-boiler contains a pressure vessel filled with water. The water in the pressure vessel is in contact with electrodes. Heat is generated when current flows through the water from one electrode to the other. By design, an electrode boiler is suitable for medium voltages [3 – 20kV] without the need for transformers.

Standard Fasel supplies and installs industrial e-boilers with capacities from 1 MW to 70 MW. The options include delivering steam at a pressure of up to 65 bars.

Integration with existing systems

An e-boiler is almost always installed in addition to a traditional gas-fired steam system. This set-up has several advantages. You are flexible in deciding whether to use gas or electricity. For example, you can use electricity at times when a generous supply of electricity is available from solar-electric and wind-electric sources. If this green electricity is not available in sufficient amounts, you can switch back to gas. In addition, the new situation increases the reliability of your total system. If one of the individual systems fails, you can always switch to the other.

Eboiler in een ketelhuis

Total solution

Standard Fasel supports your organisation throughout the process. After an advisory meeting, we create a custom design. This design is fully tailored to your specific needs and situation. After delivery and installation of the e-boiler, we monitor the system. We are also on-call for maintenance if you need us.

The next step in the energy transition

E-boilers play an important role in making industry more sustainable. Electrification of your industrial process substantially reduces CO2 and NOx emissions. In addition, you can achieve significant savings in your organisation’s energy costs, as sustainable electricity is offered at very low prices at times. The availability of low-priced sustainable electricity is certain to increase in the future, driven by the strong expansion of sustainable energy generation capacity and increases in the CO2 emissions tax.

Een eboiler gebruikt bijvoorbeeld duurzame energie uit wind

Government grant scheme

When you invest in an e-boiler, you are eligible for a grant under the Dutch government’s EIA scheme. You can also apply for a grant under the SDE++ scheme. These grants make an e-boiler especially attractive. We will be happy to help you assess whether your organisation can take advantage of these schemes.

Groene stroom van zonneparken

Find out more about your organisation’s options?

In addition to electrification, many other options are available to you to make your boilers more sustainable. Upgrading the efficiency of your systems, for example, or using a heat pump. Standard Fasel will be happy to advise you on your options. Please contact one of our advisers.

Electrify your industrial process and move to the next stage in the energy transition with an e-boiler