An Initial Special Inspection (EBI) must be performed when a new system is installed, or changes are made to an existing system. Under the Environmental Management Act (Wet Milieubeheer), combustion plants must be assessed for safe and environmentally compliant operation when first put into service. The design criteria chosen for the system are also assessed, in combination with the manufacturer’s stated requirements. The Initial Special Inspection must be carried out within 6 weeks of the system being put into service.

Eerste bijzonder inspectie (ebi)

Inspection report

An inspection report is drawn up after completion of the Initial Special Inspection. This EBI report states the relevant measurement values and limit values, and makes recommendations regarding periodic maintenance and inspection activities. Any anomalies found in the system are stated in the EBI report so that the owner can arrange immediate action by the installer to resolve them.

In addition to producing the EBI report, we submit a “notice of commissioning” by registering and signing off the system in the SCIOS portal. This ensures that you meet the requirements of the Environmental Management Act.

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