Hot water boilers supply hot water rather than steam. If the design supply temperature of the water is above 110 °C, we use the term ‘hot water boiler’. For water temperatures lower than 110 °C, we use the term ‘warm water boiler’. Hot water boilers are mainly used as a back-up and peak load boiler for district heating networks and as a primary energy source for heating hospitals. Due to the high pressure that arises in hot water boilers, the equipment must be regularly inspected by an independent authority.

Like steam boilers, hot water boilers can be constructed as a fire tube boiler and as a water tube boiler. Fire tube boilers are limited to a maximum thermal capacity of roughly 40 MW. If more capacity is needed, a water tube boiler may be the answer. Another solution is to deploy several fire tube boilers in a so-called cascade arrangement.

Warmwaterketel 400x239 english

Engineering sketch of a hot water boiler

Hot water boilers or warm water boilers can be equipped with our Standard Fasel TAS burner, which is compatible with a wide range of alternative fuels in addition to natural gas or oil.

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The result of the engineering sketch at the top of this page. A hot water boiler in a power plant.

To save energy, both hot water and warm water boilers can be equipped with an economiserair preheater and/or flue gas condenser.

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