SCIOS Scope 7 inspections focus on checking fuel lines. Standard Fasel is a recognised certified body (SCIOS) for performing Initial Special Inspections (EBI) and PIs for fuel lines within the definitions of Scope 7a and Scope 7b. Certification takes place in accordance with the “Certification Regulations” managed by the SCIOS foundation.

In the Netherlands, all (industrial) gas-fired combustion plants are subject to periodic inspection. In general, this inspection should be carried out once every four years.

Tasks required for a SCIOS Scope 7 inspection

During a SCIOS Scope 7 inspection, the tasks carried out by the inspector include the following:

  • Check for leaks in the natural gas supply pipe;
  • Assessment of wall thickness and the condition of the natural gas supply pipe;
  • Assessment of the underground section of the natural gas supply pipe;
  • Assessment of the pipe supports;
  • Assessment of the boiler and equipment room/area;
  • Assessment of the quality of maintenance of the natural gas appliances;
  • Review of inspection documents;
  • Adjustment of existing blow-off lines and safety devices;
  • Assessment of spring-loaded safeties;
  • Assessment of emergency valve operation;
  • Review of inspection documents;

We draw up a clear report on all these aspects including the “notice of commissioning”. The fuel line is registered and signed off in the SCIOS portal. This ensures that you meet the requirements of the Environmental Management Act. Please contact us for more information about performance of a SCIOS Scope 7 inspection.

Scios scope 7 keuring

Inspection in accordance with the Pressure Equipment (Commodities Act) Decree (Warenwet Besluit Druk Apparatuur/WBDA)

A change to the Pressure Equipment (Commodities Act) Decree came into effect on 19 July 2016. This states that existing pipes with a pressure > 0.5 bar and a diameter > DN 100 must be certified by a Conformity Assessment Body (NL-CBI).

Pipe systems for fuels with a maximum working pressure > 0.5 bar are included in the scope of the Pressure Equipment (Commodities Act) Decree.

The inspection of the plant must be carried out under the supervision of an inspection body designated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (NL-CBI) or an Inspection Service for Users (KvG).

The inspection focuses on both aboveground and underground pipes for gas-fired combustion plant.

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