Regular maintenance of your steam boiler is of great importance for ensuring optimal operation of your steam system and achieving a long service life. Standard Fasel’s experienced maintenance technicians can perform a wide range of maintenance tasks for your steam boiler and burner system. Steam boiler maintenance is often combined with the legally mandatory SCIOS inspections. Standard Fasel also employs certified inspectors who can carry out these inspections for you as well. This offers you the convenience of one central point of contact for maintenance and the inspections required for your entire system.

Maintenance for all brands and types of steam boiler

We work on all types of boilers and burners for different types of fuel. In the Netherlands, we have the largest service and maintenance fleet for boilers. We have access to a large group of engineers and specialists, so we optimally combine both practical experience and theoretical knowledge. In addition, we also have the drawings and specifications of all the former major Dutch boiler builders, such as Stork, Schelde, NEM, Backer & Rueb, Ten Horn and, of course, Standard Fasel.

Planned stops

The time aspect is key during planned stops. We reduce costs and minimise the downtime of your system by planning maintenance and improvement tasks in line with a realistically tight schedule Should unforeseen circumstances arise during the planned stops that potentially put the schedule at risk, we can often deploy additional welders and technicians to ensure that your system does not stand idle for any longer than necessary.

Unplanned stops

If a malfunction unexpectedly occurs, we are available 24 hours a day to repair your boiler or burner system. We employ several Service Coordinators in the Netherlands. They are specifically assigned to customers in a given region and have in-depth knowledge of your system. So we can respond quickly in an emergency situation. The Service Coordinator ensures that the necessary technicians and welders, with all the right tools, are quickly available at your site. Our mission is clear: you want your system up and running again as soon as possible.

Benefits of maintenance provided by Standard Fasel
✓ 24-hour service
✓ Regional presence: quickly available at your site
✓ Minimum downtime

Altijd snel ter plaatse voor ongepland onderhoud aan uw stoomketel

Steam boiler maintenance tasks

When carrying out maintenance in your boiler room/area, our technicians check the different parts of the boiler for proper function. Fittings are extensively tested and overhauled or replaced as necessary. The boiler is also cleaned as and when necessary.

Benefits of regular boiler maintenance

✓ Optimal operation and low energy consumption
✓ Extend the service life of your system
✓ Prevent process stoppages
✓ Prevent damage to components

Frequency of steam boiler maintenance

In general, we recommend that you have your steam boiler serviced at least once a year. The ideal maintenance interval depends on factors like the type of boiler, its rating and its age.

The importance of in-house feed water monitoring

Poor quality of the steam boiler feed water can lead to deposition of materials and even cause various components to corrode. So it is important that you carry out in-house measurements as frequently as possible to assess the acidity and hardness of the feed water. This ensures that abnormalities are detected at an early stage and helps avoid major problems. Ensuring the correct quality of your feed water will extend your system’s service life.

Burner maintenance

An experienced team of qualified burner technicians work for our burner division, supported by commercial office staff who have a good knowledge of all commonly used burners. So you can rely on us to maintain and repair burner systems from all brands and suppliers.

High customer-orientation and good quality

We value good collaboration between your and our employees and focus our expertise, knowledge and skills on long-term solutions. In addition, we offer you specific points of contact in our organisation; our Service Coordinator for unplanned work and a Project Manager for planned stops. As you would expect, we are certified in accordance with SCC petrochemicals, ISO 9001, ISO 3834, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. In addition, we are Kiwa-certified for SCIOS.

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