Steam boiler systems are used in various industrial applications. In many cases, the steam returns to the boiler room in the form of condensate. In other cases, some or all of the steam is lost in the process. This means that fresh (cold) water must be added. This cold make-up water can be heated up with a flue gas condenser. Residual heat left in the flue gases after the economiser and a possible air preheater is used for this purpose. Because the flue gases are cooled down beyond the dew point, condensation occurs. That is why this piece of equipment is called a flue gas condenser. In addition to make-up water, heat for other low-temperature processes can obviously also be provided by the flue gas condenser.

  • Increase your system’s efficiency by up to 20%
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Benefit from the Energy Investment Tax Credit scheme (Energie Investeringsaftrek)

A flue gas condenser increases efficiency

A flue gas condenser consists of one or more heat exchangers in a casing. Because the flue gas condensate is acidic, all parts that come into contact with the flue gases are made of acid-resistant materials, usually stainless steel. In addition, a flue gas condenser has a condensate drain that connects to the sewer system.


Because the residual heat is extracted from the flue gases, the cold water does not have to be heated by primary energy from a different source. The result is a considerable saving in energy costs. So the investment in a flue gas condenser quickly pays for itself. The efficiency of a steam boiler can be improved by as much as 20% by using a flue gas condenser In addition, the use of a flue gas condenser reduces the emissions of CO2 and other harmful substances from the steam system.

Benefit from the Energy Investment Tax Credit scheme (Energie Investeringsaftrek)

The flue gas condenser is a condensing heat exchanger and included in the list of environmental measures that qualify for the Energy Investment Tax Credit (Energie Investeringsaftrek). So a large percentage of the investment (condenser and the associated costs) can be claimed as an additional tax deduction.

Find out how much you can save

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