Depending on your municipal or provincial permit, you are required by law to arrange a Periodic Inspection (PI) once every two or four years to ensure proper and safe operation of your steam system. The safety, air/gas ratio control arrangement, combustion values, efficiency and emissions of your system must be measured in order to certify that they meet the specified requirements.

The Initial Special Inspection (EBI) report for your system is taken as the starting point for performing a Periodic Inspection. The results of the Periodic Inspection of the system are processed in a Periodic Inspection report and registered in the SCIOS system.

Inspectie van stoominstallatie

Combination with Periodic Maintenance

Standard Fasel usually combines a Periodic Inspection with Periodic Maintenance for the system. We offer an extremely attractive combination contract for this work. We can carry out the maintenance work on a cost-plus or contract basis, depending on your preference. For more information and advice on this subject, please contact us!