Why are hanger inspections necessary?

Pipes are part of the essential distribution system within your business, and if they are not fully operational, your business processes will be compromised. Checking them in good time and taking action when necessary keeps your business infrastructure reliable.

What happens to your pipes over time?

Slope, expansion, and working stresses are all taken into account when laying new sections of pipe. You pipe system has been designed with that in mind. Over time, however, the actual situation will no longer be comparable with the design situation: the weather, environmental effects, accidents, material fatigue or the pipe medium all have an influence on the condition of your pipe system. As a result, the slope can change, forces, moments and stresses can arise that ultimately lead to leaks and cracks, making your pipe system unreliable.

How can Standard Fasel help you in this regard?

Hangerinspectie stoominstallatieThis can be avoided by carrying out a ‘support scan’ or ‘hanger inspection’: any problems are detected and assessed at an early stage. Standard Fasel has the knowledge, skills and capacity to carry out a hanger inspection for you. During the inspection, we take into account the importance of the different pipes, the age and type of pipes and supports, the pressures, temperature, medium and the different material types.

Report and advice

We produce a report on completion of the inspection. Because we have a lot of information on recent and older spring hanger types and brands, we can provide adequate and highly specific advice. If required, we will send you a repair proposal.

Want to know more?

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