A properly functioning steam system increases production capacity and saves energy! A properly functioning steam trap is an important factor in ensuring optimal operation of your steam system. So you should have a steam trap survey, and the associated assessment of your steam system, performed regularly. This avoids (excessively) high energy costs and damage to your system.

Benefits of a steam trap survey

  • Prevent damage to your steam system
  • Reduce energy costs
  • You receive an explanation of the system including solutions for possible problems
  • Reduced emissions of harmful substances
  • Fast payback

Steam trap operation

A steam trap discharges condensate from the steam system (piping and heat exchangers). This prevents damage to the steam system and improves the efficiency of the heat exchangers.

Prevent damage

If condensate find its way into the steam pipes it can cause considerable damage to your steam system (water velocities of up to 40m/s instead of the permitted 2 to 3 m/s). Water hammer is a common problem caused by poor steam trap operation.

Save energy

The discharged condensate still contains a significant amount of energy which can be fed back into the steam system or utilised for low-temperature energy needs. If the condensate is fed back into the steam system, the heat in the condensate reduces the amount of energy needed to heat up the feed water. It also reduces the blowdown discharge losses from the steam boiler. In addition to recovering energy from the condensate, additional CO2 and NOx emissions are avoided (environmentally friendly). The energy savings alone mean that the cost of a steam trap survey can be recouped extremely quickly.

Steam trap surveys by Standard Fasel

During a steam trap survey, a certified Standard Fasel inspector uses special measuring equipment to checks steam traps for leaks, contamination and proper capacity. We can locate and solve any problems immediately. You can easily view the result of the survey in your online portal. This information helps you keep track of the performance of your steam system at all times.
In most cases, we recommend having a steam trap survey carried out annually.

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