Having Standard Fasel’s burner specialists perform annual Periodic Maintenance (PM) ensures a reliable and efficiently configured system for your business process. A well-maintained system lasts longer and causes fewer disruptions in the process. It is also better for the environment as the work includes setting up the system correctly to reduce the emissions of harmful substances.

Higher efficiency and minimum costs

Periodic maintenance of a gas system in which combustion is optimally adjusted to achieve the highest possible efficiency results in lower energy consumption. Our annual maintenance consists of preventive and corrective maintenance and, based on our long-standing experience, we also submit proposals for modifications to further enhance efficiency. We test the safety devices fitted to your system for proper adjustment and operation.

Controle van stoominstallatie door inspecteurs

The efficiency and emissions are brought to the right level based on the criteria stated in the Initial Special Inspection (EBI) report for your system. The results of the work and the status of the system are processed in a Periodic Maintenance report and registered in the SCIOS system. We can carry out the maintenance work on a cost-plus or contract basis, depending on your preference. In many cases, periodic maintenance is carried out in combination with a mandatory periodic inspection.

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