The traditional steam boiler is equipped with a burner capable of burning fossil fuel or other fuels. The energy released by this process is transferred to water and/or steam. Oxygen is also needed to burn fuels and we use air as our oxygen source. This combustion air can be preheated with an air preheater. Residual heat is extracted from the flue gases for this purpose. An air preheater is a heat exchanger in a casing. Various equipment design options are possible depending on the size and capacity of your system.

Benefits of an air preheater

  • Increase your system’s efficiency
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Short payback period

Savings with an air preheater

Extraction of residual heat from the flue gases leads to an improvement in efficiency, which means that less primary energy is consumed. The result is a considerable saving in energy costs. So the investment in an air preheater quickly pays for itself. The efficiency of a steam boiler can be improved by as much as 3% by using an air preheater In addition, the use of an air preheater reduces your emissions of CO2 and other harmful substances.

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Air preheater integrated in a chimney

Request a calculation for your situation

In addition to using an air preheater, there are many other options for saving energy and reducing costs by recovering residual heat. For example, by recovering residual heat from blowdown discharge water or by using an economiser. We would be happy to produce a calculation based on your specific situation to determine how to maximise your return. Please contact us to find out more about the potential savings for your organisation.