SCIOS is the Foundation for Certification of Maintenance and Inspection of Combustion Plants (in Dutch: Stichting Certificering Onderhoud en Inspectie van Stookinstallaties). All installations of combustion plant in the Netherlands with a nominal capacity of 100 kW or more must be inspected by certified inspectors in accordance with SCIOS guidelines. During a SCIOS inspection, the inspector checks whether the combustion plant is operating safely and economically. The government has determined in the Activities (Environmental Management) Decree (Activiteitenbesluit) that an inspection must be carried out periodically.

Standard Fasel is a SCIOS-certified company that guarantees the required level of quality and workmanship. Quality management and training are integral to our policy as a SCIOS company. Inspections and maintenance are performed according to standardised inspection content lists and scopes that are continuously updated.

As a SCIOS-certified inspection and maintenance company, we use a NEN-EN-ISO 9001-based quality management system.

SCIOS scopes

Our inspectors and technicians are SCIOS-certified to perform the Initial Special Inspection (EBI)Periodic Maintenance (PM) and the Periodic Inspection (PI) for your system within the following scopes:

Scope 2: Warm water boilers (temperature ≤ 105 ⁰C) & air heaters with fan burners

Scope 3: Steam boilers and hot water boilers (temperature > 105 ⁰C)

Scope 5: Special industrial systems

  • ovens
  • furnaces in the process industry
  • drying systems
  • afterburners
  • air heaters and/or direct-fired air heaters
  • Process combustion plants (non-standard)

Scope 6: Emissions surveys

Scope 7a: Fuel lines for gaseous fuels with a design pressure ≤ 0.5 bar

Scope 7b: Fuel lines for gaseous fuels with a design pressure > 0.5 bar

We can also arrange this work for:

Scope 7c: Fuel lines for oil

Emissions survey under BEES-A (Decree on Emission Requirements (Environmental Management) for Combustion Plant A): Measurement using an inspection and analysis vehicle equipped with heat control to determine NOx and SO2 values under optimal measuring conditions. A particulate content measurement can also be carried out by measuring the emission of particulates from the flue; this is often mandatory for the combustion of biomass products such as wood, bio-oil and fats.

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